The pain of psychological and emotional attachment

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(And what harms me only with those I knew *** God rewarded well everyone I do not know)

The house that left the wounds of the exhausted … as if someone who reads it thinks it was written on behalf of his heart
The group represented by this house are human beings who live among us, and we may one day have become low-mood and adopted it as well

It doesn’t only tell about the struggles in dealing with people
Rather, the hidden meaning here is the harms of emotional attachment to one of them

The heart reaches an attachment and waiting for the return that satisfies its affection, which makes this return a necessity of life that it offers to everything
He wakes up, grabs his phone, and his eyes search for those letters that quench his thirst for his heart and make him high for joy in the person he loves.

And if he faced a problem – even if it was simple – then fear the source of his emotion to solve it for him
And his love for himself depends on the consent of that source on him
And the source must dry up a day, so if the one whose heart is attached to it is as if it had fallen from a high place

He hates himself and hates those who were nourished by his affection and generalizes hatred to everyone so that he can sing about this house

So it is the spark of lack of understanding of relationships that led him to this extent from avoiding real dealings with people, thinking that he will repeat the experience every time and be the biggest loser.

And I mean by real deal, that is, they deal yes, but deal (entertaining) the heart is not present in their dealings

They hold the two ends of the stick .. Either the heart becomes too present or excessively absent
Both things are bitter, and excessive ones are more harmful to those who deal with them, a large part of the heart’s fuel is wasted in this case.
We are commanded to be mediocrity in everything
We do not deprive ourselves of emotion nor do we over-feed it
It is preferable for us to be its main source, and the fundamental question is how do we reach the stage of emotional independence ?! And we spare ourselves the pain of falling

If you were caught by the waves of relationships that began strong and then weakened, here are the steps for psychological aid:

Understand the insides of yourself, the causes of your sadness and your mood swings
Give every feeling its due

  • Beware of suppression in most of its forms, suppressing tears, suppressing blame and suppressing emotions
    Choose ways of expression that are most comfortable for you
  • Enhance your value within yourself and it is not conditional on the continuation of relationships
    Realize that disappointment is a pain that you must live and accept the reality of loss and stop attempts to recover the lost

Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it

Sometimes helping someone who is capable can save you an era of suffering.

Be strong in body, mind and emotion. Life now needs more power.