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Easy Social Share Buttons

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Easy Social Share Buttons là plugin WordPress tốt nhất để chia sẻ nội dung với các mạng xã hội.

Các nút chia sẻ xã hội dễ dàng cho WordPress thêm các nút duy nhất để chia sẻ nội dung với các mạng xã hội vào trang web của bạn, một bộ đếm tuyệt vời, một hình thức đăng ký bản tin dễ sử dụng và các tính năng trò chuyện xã hội. Easy Social Share Buttons được công nhận là plugin mạnh mẽ và giàu tính năng nhất bởi các chuyên gia WordPress.

Plugin Easy Social Share Buttons cung cấp sự linh hoạt tối đa, cho phép khách truy cập của bạn chia sẻ hơn 50 mạng xã hội lớn, bao gồm một loạt các trình nhắn tin tức thời trên thiết bị di động.

Không chỉ vậy, Easy Social Share Buttons plugin cho WordPress còn tự hào có gói 55+ mẫu đẹp nhất và toàn diện nhất để chia sẻ và tạo mẫu cá nhân, cũng như bộ 30+ vị trí thiết kế tự động hoàn chỉnh nhất, 30+ hình ảnh động thú vị.

Plugin Easy Social Share Buttons này là duy nhất trong việc làm nổi bật mọi nơi có thể để hiển thị các nút xã hội của bạn.

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Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/6394476

Tính năng nổi bật Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Tính năng Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons Nulled Free Changelog

= Version 7.9 – March 5, 2021 =
This version requires settings update for those users that have Instagram feed on their websites. You can follow the knowledge base and update your settings: https://docs.socialsharingplugin.com/knowledgebase/instagram-feed-basic-setup/
SOCIAL FOLLOWERSInstagram followers counter goes manually only due to a change in the Instagram API. Followers Counter module code cleared from callbacks that may slow down for requesting non-existing API endpoint. #204
INSTAGRAM FEEDUpdate Instagram Feed for the API changes. Public access is no longer available. Data can be read with a token key. Added support for personal accounts. #205
SHARE BUTTONSRemove Facebook Client-Side counter update as it was deprecated and removed from the Facebook API #206
SHARE BUTTONSRemove Pinterest Client-Side counter update as it is not used anymore #207
SHARE BUTTONSDeprecated real-time share counter upadte option #208
SHARE BUTTONSFixed a possible error message in the save menu screen related to the taxonomy social media optimizations #203

= v7.8 – February 15, 2021 =
In this version, we recreate the social profiles and social followers modules from the ground up. Those modules now don’t use an icon font – they are showing icons with SVGs. The code structure is also changed to be optimized and meet all up-to-date requirements. After installation of the version, it is important to do a full cache clear and CDN purge (if used). If you face a problem in the module, please report to our support team https://support.creoworx.com. And you can revert to the previous version manually at any time using the download links we post.

Important note if you are using the pre-compiled mode of the plugin. If styles did not appear even after cache purge temporarily deactivate pre-compiled mode from Advanced -> Optimization and save settings. Verify that everything is OK and enable it again.
New Features
The Social Profiles & Followers module is rebuilt from the ground up. They are now featuring inline SVG icons and modern CSS drawing techniques. The new engine allows us to trim the stylesheet size to 1/3 of the original in previous versions.
Subscribe forms has a new integration with ConvertKit. The integration can be installed as a free add-on available on the website or in the full package of the plugin. Free Download →
INSTAGRAM, TIKTOKInstagram feed and TikTok feed profile fields translation from the plugin menu #196
SUBSCRIBE FORMSManual insertion mode of the booster subscribe forms – add only on specified posts, pages, etc. with a shortcode. (follow link to see the shortcode). #195
SHARE BUTTONSAdd a new field to the user profile for Facebook Profile URL. This URL will take part in the social share optimization article tag. #192
SHARE BUTTONSAdd compatibility with Transposh plugin – clear HTML content in the share dialog #191
SOCIAL PROFILESNew Elementor widget for the Social Profile links #189
INSTAGRAMOption to disable the Instagram feed for mobile #186
GENERALAdd an option to hide the purchase code from the activate screen (or hide the activate screen at all). Follow the link for instructions. #165
SOCIAL PROFILES, SOCIAL FOLLOWERSAdd Periscope to the Social Profiles / Followers Counter #143
SHARE BUTTONSUpdate post vertical float and make it stay on the screen at the bottom instead of hiding the display #187
INSTAGRAMMake a mobile version of the Instagram feed pop-up #185
GENERALUpdate the exit intent callback to be consistent in the plugin #183
INSTAGRAMAdd a secondary cache of the last known Instagram feed data #182
SHARE BUTTONSCheck the network device visibility options for the vertical display methods like sidebar, float. #146
SHARE BUTTONSTranslation of the Love this message from the Advanced -> Translations does not work constantly #188

Version 7.7.1 – January 7, 2021
SHARE BUTTONSFix a 404 error message for missing file easy-social-image-share.min.js when the on media share position is used
Version 7.7 – January 4, 2021
New Features
Parler Share Button Added View More & Download →
SHARE BUTTONSAllow in the fake counter option passing any value (not only whole numbers) #159
SHARE BUTTONSAdd purge counter cache button for the current post/page #168
PINTEREST PROModify the Pinterest Pro custom option for Pin any image to include also all tags to the image. This should make the custom message work even outside the plugin shares (example: browser extension) #169
SOCIAL FOLLOWERSAdd LinkedIn followers counter support for personal profiles address #170
GENERALNew option Always load share customization editing no matter of selected post types #173
GENERALWidget title translation integration with WPML #175
GENERALUpdate on media resource loading goes via plugin styles and scripts dispatcher #158
SOCIAL PROOFAdditional checks in the Social Proof Notifications Pro to prevent showing messages on mobile #163
GENERALReplace substr with mb_substr in the Post Bar Display method. Fixing a problem with cut out Cyrillic symbols #171
SUBSCRIBE FORMSAdd additional checks to prevent mixed content warning in the subscribe form action #179
SHARE BUTTONSFix a notification message appearing in some case on the homepage for asset loading #157
SHARE BUTTONSThe translation of the Share on word from Advanced Translate is not working #161
SHARE BUTTONSNotification message in the AMP with Profiles integration: PHP message: PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant ESSB3_PLUGIN_URL – assumed ESSB3_PLUGIN_URL #162
SHARE BUTTONSFix a problem with WPML translations – not working in the social share buttons #164
SHARE BUTTONSProblem with the & symbol in Reddit sharing (showing as &) #172
SHARE BUTTONSHomepage title of social media optimization not showing all the time when the integration with Yoast was not deactivated #177

v7.6 – November 24, 2020
### Added
SUBSCRIBE FORMS: Add a translation to different languages via WPML of the custom subscribe forms #141
SOCIAL PROFILES: Add AMP compatibility for the social profiles module #148
INSTAGRAM: Add option to disable Instagram feed on mobile #149
INSTAGRAM: Add support for WP Rocket lazy loading images in the Instagram feed module #150
### Updated
SOCIAL FOLLOWERS: Update LinkedIn followers’ counter settings – the value of followers is manual only #140
FREE ADD-ONS: Update TikTok Feed Add-on to the changes of TikTok profile API #145
SOCIAL FOLLOWERS: Remove the manual value of followers option from the settings. Manual values will always be ON #151
PINTEREST PRO: Compatibility between SG Optimizer image lazy loading and Pinterest Pro #155
### Fixed
SHARE BUTTONS: Add a trailing slash at the end of the homepage URL when AffiliateWP integration is used (otherwise brokes the pretty affiliate URLs) #142
SHARE BUTTONS: Remove the custom message field in the mail pop-up. The option is not supported by version 7 to prevent security issues. But the field is still showing if you have it ON from a previous version #144

= v7.5 =
### New Features
- TikTok Feed Add-on View More & Download →
- Microsoft Teams Share Button View More & Download →
### Added
- SHARE BUTTONSCompatibility with Secondary Title plugin when HTML code is used for the title building #131
- SHARE BUTTONSAutomatically assign the customization fields for sharing on Products if the WooCommerce specific displays are enabled #132
### Updated
- SHARE BUTTONSImproved AMP compatibility with WordPress AMP plugin #128
- SHARE BUTTONSChange the full-width displays to eliminated the stretch animation. The default stretch should not have it. Leave it only on the flex #130
- SHARE BUTTONSIncrease the height of Twitter share window #136
- SHARE FOLLOWERSUpdated the default Instagram counter update to the alternative method #139
### Fixed
- SUBSCRIBE FORMSThe background gradient of subscribe form 8 does not change from the style settings #129
- SHARE BUTTONSPost Vertical Float: Top position of post float buttons when they are fixed does not apply correctly #133
- SHARE BUTTONSCorrect preview of the mail message to replace the variables for name and email with the sender text #134
- INSTAGRAMInstagram feed profile information is not responsive #137

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Easy Social Share Buttons v7.9 NULLED nulled
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