17 positions indicate that you need a psychiatrist

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Shows us to clarify the problems of operating conditions.

This problem explodes into your thoughts on the problem.

It seems that he is falling into a psychological disorder, and the role of psychiatrists is to help the person cure and replace his strike.

There are some situations that we may go through and feel that we need a psychiatrist:

1- When feeling and an urgent desire to die, a person is waiting for death at any moment.

2- When you suffer from distress and a link to go to the doctors working rumors and analysis, make sure that you are not injured, you need a psychiatrist.

3- Lack of points at work and recklessness at work, or doing your job at work.

4- Not feeling happy in situations that used to bring you happiness.

5- My type with sleep disorders, or lack of sleep continuously, or not being satisfied with sleep no matter how much I slept.

6- Not eating while eating, or overeating.

7- Excessive nervousness.

8- Doubt, insanity, and experimentation in persons, i.e. exaggerates sick doubt.

9- Excessive vanity that makes you feel that you are the best person in the world.

10_ the shadows of greatness, or the feeling of the need to know that in life.

11- Misleading persecution, or afternoon restlessness.

12- Pointing with thoughts of pointing up

13- Indicates with phobia, that permanent fear can be traded.

14- Feeling very sad, feeling extreme joy without justification.

15- Marital problems that lead to divorce

16- Excessive stress from children’s naughty.

17 – A person who helps solve other people’s problems and cannot solve his own problems.